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Why My Smart Ottawa Movers?

My Smart Movers Ottawa was founded with one vision in mind. Personalized service at unbeatable prices. Founded in 2010, our original name was "Smart Movers" however with extensive customer feedback and personalized service our brand name was changed to "My Smart Movers". We thrive on our ability to handle complicated situations with a smile on our face. Give us the opportunity to treat you like family and we guarantee you will say "East to West, My Smart Movers is the Best!"

My Smart Movers Ottawa is a moving company of choice for many Ottawa and surround area residents. At My Smart Movers we understand how many things you have to think about during your upcoming move, Let My Smart Movers take the stress out of the actual move itself. Our array of moving services are unparalleled by any other Ottawa moving company.

Why Choose Us?

My Smart Movers is not just a moving company with exceptional prices and remarkable service. Most importantly we are an honest company and the only company that tells our customers the truth about hidden scenarios they never thought of. No wonder Rate Ottawa Movers awarded us #1 Moving Company in Ottawa for 2010. We have received huge recognition from the community due to our exceptional customer service. 

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Did you know that If you hired a moving company which was not Licensed and Bonded and one of their movers fell inside your house and hurt themselves, they are legally entitled to sue you for damages up to $1 Million? If you are willing to pay $1000's of dollar in lawyer fees and $1000's more for settlement then choose a non bonded company. But if you want someone to take care of all the hassle just call MySmart Movers.

Full Value Protection Plan

Let's face it no matter how careful movers are accidents do happen. So the movers dropped and damaged your 55inch HDTV that you paid $3000 for last month. You might think well I can sue the company right? Wrong. If they are not licensed, Who you are going to sue and who is going to pay for the damage and are you paying out of your pocket for the lawyer. Small claims court charge is $150 just to file a lawsuit. That is why MySmart Movers provides full value protection option for your peace of mind.

No Hidden Fees Estimates

Heard the news about Moving Scams? They are more common than you think. Companies advertise rates as low as $50 for 3 Movers. However hidden costs include stair charges, freight charges, fuel surcharges, truck kms charges and the list goes on. On CTV News, one company was charged with fraud because they advertised $55 for 3 Movers and charged their customers $210 for 3 Movers with Charges. They were doing this for the last 2 years! You get what you for. Ever heard that saying?

Expanding Moving Fleet

So you booked 2 Movers for your 2 Bedroom and the moving company sends 10 feet truck or 2 Movers show up with a pickup truck. It's your last day to move out of the apartment. Other sized trucks were double the charges. Your deposit is non-refundable. What do you do now?

Over 65% Referral Customers

It's about time we tell you the truth. Our service fee comes with the catch. What catch? you might ask! Well you have to refer us to at least 2 customers and that is only if you are 100% satisfied with our services. Does that sound like a reasonable deal? We think it is very reasonable request.

Equipment & Labour Availability

A big advantage of having a large fleet of trucks and full time movers is that we accommodate your move on short notice. Call us and we will do our best to schedule you in, on your preferred date. Most importantly once we book your move for a specific time of day, our moving crew will be there on time on the day of the move.

Competitive Moving Rates

We challenge you to search the internet, yellow pages, kijiji and other sources. Find a company that is honest about their business. Is Insured, bonded, licensed and provide exceptional customer service and then compare our rates. Now, you know you're getting an exceptional service and a remarkable price.