What to Do With Your Water Softener When You Move

What to Do With Your Water Softener When You Move?

When it comes to relocating to a new place, we have many things we need to consider. For example, what we have to donate, pack, throw away, uninstall, or cancel. In the same way, the water treatment system is something that you cannot ignore. So how do you handle your water softener installation when you move to a new city?

Uninstall or Leave the Water Softener

A water softener is not an easy thing to leave behind when you want to relocate. The cost of buying a new one can be a huge investment for you. As a result, you have to sit back and think of the pros and cons of leaving it behind.

If you don’t want to move it, you have to consider if there is one in your new place. Also, if you must move it, you have to think of installation and fitting right in the water treatment system. Meanwhile, if you have a tight budget, you may have no option but to move along with your water softener.

The Right System for Your Water Softener

Most people do not know that selecting the most suitable water treatment systems for their apartments can be more challenging than selecting appliances like dishwashers or refrigerators. While you may have some features you require, the water determines the type of water treatment system you need.

It may surprise you that water differs in many places. For example, you may have different water from your neighbor’s home. Hence, you have to check the water distribution and source when you want to relocate. These two factors can make the difference in your new home and the type of water treatment system you need.

You Can Program Your Water Softener

The good thing about water softener is that you can program it to work on different water when you move to a new place. However, before you relax with this information, you should know that water treatment systems work differently when it comes to water characteristics. As a result, you should ensure that your system can fit the new place.

The Transportation of a Water Softener

When you want to move your water softener, you should inform the moving company in advance.

Ensure the water softener is positioned upright. In addition, you should not position your water softener to stay on the sides. If the softener is placed on the side, it can end up with damaged covers, tanks, or control heads.

Before you uninstall your water softener, you have to understand what happens to it. First, your metered water softener will not be able to regenerate if it has no water running through it. Second, if you have a timed softener, it is easy to regenerate if you decide to pre-set the time. However, if it has no water, it can be damaged.


Before you think of water softener installation, you have to test the water at your new apartment to decide if you must move the softener. This is a quite crucial step to consider when moving your water softener.

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