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Items inside furniture during the Move?

All clothes and items must be removed from inside the furniture. This includes all desks, dressers, armories etc. This makes the furniture much lighter and easier to move. It also limits wear and tear to your furniture during the move. Generally the only items of furniture that can be safely moved with items still in them are small light pieces of furniture containing very light belongings inside (sweaters, shirts, blouses, lingerie). Be careful NOT to leave fragile items and anything that might spill or leak. If clothes or other items have not been removed prior to the move, movers might ask you to remove them on the day of the move.

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  1. This is a great tip, I always thought it was easier to just leave everything inside the furniture and just wrap the drawers closed with tape. But I understand that is not a good idea specially with large pieces of furniture like dressers. Thanks

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