Moving is a huge decision to make in your life. Experts in our company are here to assist you in the planning and organizing aspect of your move.

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We Move You

Ottawa’s Smart Move is here to ensure that you move wherever you want, whenever you want, without worry. With our experiEnced team of moving experts by your side, even something stressful can turn into something exciting.

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Self Service Move

If you prefer to handle most of the moving process on your own, then moving containers are perfect for you. All you need to do is pack your belongings and leave the transport to us.

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Alice Jones, 25Apartment

Really fast and reliable service. All my belongings are accounted for and not a scratch on them! Definitely recommending them to people I know!

Benjamin Leones, 34Packing and Moving

Great customer service! I love how professional and efficient the movers were! I was able to move to my new house smoothly and with little to no hiccups. Thank you so much Ottawa Smart Move!

Sheila Roosevelt, 28Moving Service

The movers came right on time, which I really appreciate. I’m the type who likes things to stay on schedule so this is definitely a plus in my books. The transport was smooth and we barely encountered any problems. The movers were very kind too. A friend recommended this company and I’m glad they did not disappoint.

Mike Brown, 44Furniture Assembly Service

Thank you Ottawa Smart Move. I just recently bought a new wardrobe for my wife but none of us could figure out how to set it up… she’s very happy with the final results.

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