Effective Ways to Downsize When Moving

If you are moving to a smaller home, then you will need to declutter and downsize your items. While this can be rewarding and therapeutic, there is no denying that downsizing can be difficult especially if you have built up a lifetime of belongings.

Downsizing also helps to helps cut down costs and save significant time during the moving process. Here are a few tips to aid you:

1. Narrow Down Your List

Setting aside the things you love is a good place to start. Narrowing down your list of belongings and picking out the ones you cherish most can help you decide what you can live without.

2. Evaluate Each Room

 If you’re downsizing, it’s best to compare the rooms in your future home with your current one. Visualize which furniture and belongings you could realistically fit in each room in a way that doesn’t make it feel cluttered.

3. Take Your Time

Don’t rush and pressure yourself. Organize your items and carefully remember where you might have stored some of your belongings. It’s important to give yourself time to carefully weigh the value of each item.

4. Keep, Sell, Donate, Toss

Identify which belongings you’d like to keep, sell, donate or toss and place them in labeled boxes. This gives you an idea of how much stuff you’re taking with you. A garage sale is a great way to earn money while decluttering. Donating and gift-giving can work too.

5.  for Help

Sometimes we get too attached that we fail to look at things objectively. If you find it difficult to downsize, it is wise to ask for an outside opinion of someone with no attachment to the item.

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